Research Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students in the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, and computer science are encouraged to contact Dr. Rai via email at for possible research opportunities in Fall and Spring 2017/2018.

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PhD Positions Summer/Fall 2018

There are several (up to 3) PhD positions available in Molecular Science and Engineering Laboratory. Our group is involved in developing advanced Monte Carlo/molecular dynamics algorithms and force fields, and application of electronic structure calculations for rational design of catalysts, optoelectronic materials, dye sensitized solar cells, and molecular gels. Research/Teaching Assistantships will cover full tuition and provide competitive stipend. There is significant flexibility in developing a research program that suits student's interests and career aspirations. Overall, we are looking for bright and motivated students interested in pursuing research that leads to meeting our energy needs in a sustainable manner. Programming (Fortran, C, C++, and CUDA) experience can be very advantageous.
Interested students can contact Dr. Rai for additional information and application process at




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